Southern Patagonia

Puma Photo Safari

Photograph wild Pumas near the world famous Torres del Paine National Park, Chile, April 11-18, 2020

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    Apr 2020
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An 8-day photo tour, led by wildlife photographer Adam Martin – from $6,995 per person.

Join wildlife photographers Adam Martin and Shauna Stannard on a small group expedition to Torres del Paine National Park, Chile, in search of the elusive Puma. Imagine being on foot in the grasslands of Patagonia, watching wild Pumas in their natural habitat, with no other tourists in sight. This experience will be possible thanks to a team of expert Puma trackers scanning the land, morning and evening. With their help we will be guided onto private lands in which guests from the National Park are not permitted. Witnessing these private moments in a small group is an amazing experience that is not possible anywhere else.


Where we're going

Torres del Paine National Park, in Chile’s Magallanes region, is known for its soaring mountains, glaciers, and golden grasslands. Some of its most iconic sites are the granite towers from which the park takes its name and the horn-shaped peaks called Cuernos del Paine. Adam & Shauna have spent over 2 months in the area during recent years, and this curated trip combines one of the most exclusive wildlife experiences with the best à la carte accommodation the area has to offer.

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Itinerary Detail

What to Bring

Layered Clothing

We will be spending long hours in exposed grasslands with temperatures ranging from 40-50° Fahrenheit, often accompanied by wind or rain. Pack dark, inconspicuous colors, thermal layers, fleece, pants, extra socks, beanie, gloves, and a rain jacket just in case.

DSLR Camera

An ideal camera for Puma tracking can shoot fast action while offering good low-light performance. A high megapixel count can be helpful if you want to crop the image for a tighter frame.


You'll want to download your images for both backup and review purposes each day.

Hiking Boots

There is a possibility of walking up to 3 miles per day while looking tracking Pumas, so bring footwear that is comfortable to walk off-road in the Pumas terrain.

Telephoto Lens

Bigger is better. A 300-400mm should be the minimum focal length considered to obtain high quality images. A crop sensor camera as well as extenders can also help get a closer shot.

Batteries & Chargers

It is very easy to drain your battery down when shooting high frame rates and in cold weather. Bring your charger and an extra battery in-case you need to swap batteries in the field.


We will be hours away from the closest city, and even further from a major city. Bring any personal or medical supplies necessary because you will not have access to pharmacies once we are in the National Park.


Binoculars are an essential tool for Puma tracking because they are used to scan the terrain. A high quality 10x42 pair will be perfect.

Backup Media & SD Cards

Backup images each day and consider rotating SD cards for another layer of redundancy. You're going a long distance for this trip and need to make sure you safely back-up your media.

What's Included

  • 7 Nights Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • National Park Fees
  • 4x4 Safari Vehicles
  • Puma Tracking Fees
  • All Meals

What's Not Included

  • International Airfare
  • Taxi from Airport to Hotel
  • Alcoholic Beverages

Additional Wildlife Sightings

We will have several opportunities to photograph different wildlife species including the Andean Condor (in-flight), Guanaco, Grey Fox, Armadillo, Lesser Rhea, Crested Caracara, Chilean Flamingo, and many other bird species.

Come Experience Southern Patagonia

Experience the trip of a lifetime, walking among wild Pumas on the southern tip of South America!